Funky Hair Highlights to Try in 2016

Tired of the same standard hair colors? Discover the world of edgy shades and funky hair highlights for 2016 to decide what you need to look more eye-catching and playful. All the rainbow, pastel, neon and vibrant highlights are waiting for you to change your look radically and to provide you with a “bright” hairstyle. Looking at these hairstyles some people may think that they are brighter than their mood. This is a strange comparison but the truth is that women with bright hair colors spread a kind of joy around them. So, be one of them among people surrounding you.bold hair highlights 2016Neon Highlights for Hair

The temporary neon highlights which have incredible shine and vibrancy are the brightest shades for hair. They are combined both with dark and light hair colors and tend to make hair shine even in the darkness. These green, orange, blue, purple and yellow highlights are sometimes worn by celebrities who don’t afraid of huge transformations. Just a few thin neon highlights are enough to create a warm effect for your hair, be it short or long.neon highlights for hair 2016Pastel Hair Highlights

Blonde hair colors are always thankful for those ravishing pastel highlights. The monotone light blonde shades are easily changed into dolly hairstyles with the help of mint green, lavender, light pink and blue highlights. With the delicate and exquisite pastel highlights your blonde hair will be in the center of attention and will turn the heads. If you don’t want to dye your locks in these shades but still want to try out for a couple of days then use hair chalks which provide with the same result.pastel highlights for hair 2016Vibrant Hair Highlightsvibrant highlights for hair 2016Well, perhaps you are looking for more striking and astounding highlighting options for your dark or light locks? Here are vibrant highlights including the many shades of blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. They are mixed into one another to gift you stunning and unique highlights. According to your base hair color you can get the most suitable effect if you choose the right hues. Just consult with your hair colorist before dying hair.rainbow hair highlights 2016Red Highlights for Hairred highlights for hair for 2016Red highlights are generally suitable for black hair. Many black ladies try out this option for such a long time but since white women with black hair stand out from the crowd red highlights can help to draw attention on the skin tone too. Those who have bangs can add red highlights on their fringe too, to showcase the beauty of their complexion and eye hue.

red highlights for hair 2016

Ravishing Purple Hair Colors for 2016

Many love the delicacy of the cool purple shade. It is so beautifully reflected on hair with all its hues that you fall in love with it. There are many light and dark hues of purple which allow you to find the most suitable hair color for your complexions. Women with dark skin tones go for dark purple hair color and ladies who have light skin choose the lighter shades of purple for their hair. So, between the represented purple hair colors for 2016 you will surely meet the one you like most.  purple hair colors 2016Vibrant Purple Hair Color

Bright or the eye-catching vibrant purple hair color is one of the bold shades for 2016. It looks very beautiful both on short and long haircuts and works with light skin tones as well as with dark complexions. You can get it on your black hair or you may go for a neon purple on your light hair.vibrant porple hair color 2016Plum Hair Color

Feel the attractiveness of the plum hue on your own hair. This hair color is best reflected on curly hairstyles and has many shades of purple in it which create a rich hair color for your locks. It shines very beautifully and is amazing almost for all skin tones.plum hair color 2016Dark Purple Hair Color

Ladies who have long straight hair can beautify it with a trendy dark purple hair color. It really changes your dark hair color into a more delicate and subtle one and gifts you a sophisticated hairstyle. This hair color works with dark complexions, olive skin tones pale skin tones.dark purple hair color 2016Purple Ombre Hair Color

Dark and light hues of purple will provide your hair with a stunning ombre style. This is not common ombre hair color but is considered as a unique ombre style which is awesome on long haircuts. The exquisite combination of two purple shades is so harmoniously reflected on layered haircuts. It is perfect on straight hairstyles as well as on curly locks. purple ombre hair 2016Pastel Purple Hair Color

It goes without saying that pastel purple is a fantastically tender hair is already loved by many Hollywood starts who choose it for their short and long haircuts. This hair color goes with light complexions and tends to highlights your femininity.pastel purple hair color 2016 - CopyLavender Hair Color

Lavender hair color is a great mixture of dark and pastel purple hair colors which create a rich purple shade on your hair. Lavender hair color goes with dark and light skin tones and works both with light and dark eyes.lavender hair color 2016 - CopyLilac Hair Color

Perhaps the lightest hue of purple is the subtle lilac which is usually combined with icy blonde hair colors. It is great with light grey hair colors as well and tend to soften your hair color. Lilac hair color goes with light complexions.lilac hair color 2016 - CopyPurple Highlightspurple highlights for dark hair 2016If you have dark hair you may enhance its beauty by dark purple highlights and if you have blonde hair you can wear pastel purple highlights. In both cases you get a glamorous and fabulous result. So, try one of these options in 2016.

pastel purple highlights for light hair 2016 - Copy

Jet Black Hair Color

According to many professional hair colorists jet black hair color is one of the powerful shades for hair that makes it look healthy, strong and quite shiny. This is not the dull black but the glossy jet black. It is ideally reflected both on straight and curly hairstyles and tend to freshen your hair.jet black hair color 2016 You just need to match the right shade of this hair color with your skin tone and eye color. Actually it goes almost with all complexions. Below we’ll discuss jet black hair color with different skin tones and you’ll learn whether it’s your hue or not.Since black hair colors have red undertones hair colorists recommend to stay close to your natural shade or to your current hair color. In order to match jet black hair color with your skin tone you should not go more than two levels darker from your hair color. Dark black hair color is a cool option especially if you have light eyes. It tends to make your eyes pop out beautifully. Here are the best matchings for jet black hair color.

Jet Black Hair Color for Light Skin Tonesjet black hair color ideaIf you have light skin tone and want to dye your hair in deep black color then you should take dark neutral tones which border on the deep brown sides. You’d better avoid too dark black hair color not to look washed out and highlight the red pigments of your skin.

Jet Black Hair Color for Medium Skin Tonesjet black hair colorWomen with medium skin tones should pick dark brown hues which are almost black. This will compliment your skin tone and will look well-balanced. Don’t opt for the reddish-black shade as it will only bring out the yellowish tone of your skin.

Jet Black hair Color for Dark Skin Tonesjet black curly hairBlack women or tanned-skin ladies are welcome to experiment with too dark and deep black hair colors. You can use any color that has blue-black undertones because this will compliment your skin tone. It will bring out your olive undertones and will gift it nice green hue.

lily collins black hair

Lily Collins black hair

Celebrities with Jet Black Hair Color

megan fox black hair 2016

Megan Fox black hair 2016

When choosing a shade of jet black have a look at some examples experimented by Hollywood stars like Megan Fox, Lily Collins, Katy Perry, Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore. Here you see some of them in gorgeous black hair color that works both with their skin tones and eye colors.

katy perry black hair

Katy Perry black hair

Try to choose the best shade for your complexion and keep in mind that jet black is a mysterious hair color that brings more charm in your appearance.

Short Ombre Hairstyles for 2016

Many think that ombre is a style for long hair but the tendency of wearing it on short haircuts is increasing day by day because some women have discovered its beauty on short cuts too.short ombre hairstyles 2016 No matter you have a pixie or a bob haircut, you are welcome to experiment with the ombre hair color technique by dying your roots in a dark and the ends in a light shade. Here you will see also the classic example of the reverse ombre. Now discover the fantastic short ombre hairstyles to try in 2016.

Purple to Pink Short Ombre Hairstyleshort purple & pink ombre hair.The ravishing shades of purple and pink are combined in one hairstyle to provide you with a dolly look. These two hair colors are very subtle in their all hues and look ideal in this short messy bob hairstyle with soft bangs. Dark purple roots with dark fringe bring out your skin tone and make your eyes pop out.

Short Pixie in Ombre Styleshort pixie ombre hair 2016Try to liven up your pixie haircut with a unique ombre style. Dye your roots in a dark chocolate brown hair color and the tips in a warm blonde shade to compliment your skin tone. The following combo is perfect both for dark and light complexions.

Straight Bob in Dark Ombreshort dark ombre bob 2016When we say dark ombre we generally mean the matching of two brown hair colors. It is very elegant on straight bob haircut that you can wear for the fall season.

Razor Cut Short Ombre Hairshort razor cut ombre hair 2016Another option for autumn is the following dark ombre on short razor cut hairstyle. This looks like asymmetrical bob haircuts with long and short layers and the effect is more enhanced with the two-tone brown ombre style.

Wavy Short Ombre Hairshort wavy ombre hairstyleWavy hairstyles usually scream beach time and they are lovely for hot summer days. The cue blonde ends give a stunning illusion of length and subtleness.messy wavy short ombre hairstyle 2016Short Blonde Ombreshort blonde ombre 2016Here I offer the cute combination of light brown and blonde hair colors on short bob haircut. It will lighten up your complexion and will make your pretty eyes shine more beautifully.

Reverse Ombre Hairstylereverse short ombre 2016Elegant, eye-catching and stylish; this is all about the following hairstyle. It’s a trendy reverse ombre in light blonde roots and dark brown tips. It will work with dark complexions as well as with light skin tones. So, amuse the mirror with your new hairstyle.

Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2016

There are various ash blonde hair colors from light to dark and there are even women who have natural ash blonde hair. This hair color with all its hues is very attractive and subtle on different hairstyles. It is chosen by blondes and brunettes equally as a trendy hair color. So, if you are interested in the latest ash blonde hair color ideas for 2016 then keep on reading because we have collected the best options for you.ash blonde hair colors 2016Natural Ash Blonde Hair

If you have natural ash blonde hair then perhaps people often ask you whether it’s your natural or dyed hair. Actually this is middle blonde that goes with medium to light skin tones and can be achieved on light hair easily.  Those who dream of having natural-looking ash blonde hair should ask their hair colorist to archive this very shade. You can match it with your light blue or green eyes.natural ash blonde hair 2016Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

Here is the light shade of ash blonde which is closer to platinum blonde hair color due to its shiny effect on hair. In spite of being a gloomy hair color it has a touch of shine in it that can best be reflected on wavy hairstyles. This hair color is for natural blondes who have light to medium skin tones and light eye color.ash blonde hair color 2016Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

Dark ash blonde is another cool hair color for ladies who have medium to olive skin tones and light eyes. It goes with tanned skin tones as well and brings out your beautiful complexion. If you want to highlight the beauty of your skin tone you may go for this very dark ash blonde hue.dark ash blonde 2016Platinum Blonde hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Light platinum blonde hair color is another trendy shade that can be beautifully combined with light ash blonde highlights. They will create a lovely and fascinating combination which add depth and dimension to any hairstyle.light ash blonde hair color 2016Ash Blonde Ombre Hair

If you are thinking of a new hair color then go for the ombre style. It is trendy and very requested. What shades to take? Go for this ravishing ash blonde combo. It is subtle and quite seductive.ash blonde ombre 2016Ash Blonde Highlights

For many light blonde hair colors ash blonde is a great hue to gift you stunning highlights. The effect is spiffy and livens up your hair color. You can choose several dark and light ash blonde hair colors and apply them on your hair as highlights.ash blonde highlights 2016Ash Blonde Hair with Highlights

Well, may who already rock ash blonde hair color should think of new highlights. For dark ash blonde you can pick light ash blonde and platinum blonde highlights. And for light ash blonde hair you can go for dark ash blonde highlights.

ahs blonde hair with highlights 2016

6 Celeb Shades of Blonde Hair Colors

Celebrates have always been a good example for us and sometimes we style our hair being inspired by them. Celebs are always in the center of attention and very often they come up with completely new looks even sometimes it is becoming impossible to recognize them.celebrity hair color Taking them as good examples we have decided to represent you 6 celeb shades of blond hair colors. If you are going to change your hair color it is an excellent chance for you to consider one more time before you will go for that color.

Ciara hairstyle

It is possible to see Ciara in different styles. She has changed the color of her hair many times. But this time we will represent you her blond hairstyle. If you see, she took darker color for hair roots while the rest of it is in blonde. We can say that her blonde streaks rest on a brunette base. It is perfect idea to go from black to blonde. If you have natural black hair, do not hesitate changing it into blonde because it is both great idea and also very easy to wear.Ciara blonde hair colorRosie Huntington Whitley

Rosie has natural blonde hair but her real shades of blonde are darker and as you see this time she wore light shades of blonde. If you have noticed she has perfectly matched her dark shades with light hues. This hair color obviously completes her look and gives her more tender and feminine look. Rosie Huntington blonde hairstyleJanuary Jones

January Jones is another famous celebrity, who can be a real inspiration for a lot of females. Obviously she knows how to wear right hairstyle. The color of her hair is unique in its kind and due to it she has a soft and sweet look. The shade of blonde emphasizes her face and with the dark roots it looks too much natural. With this beautiful look she will be ready even to rock the world.january jones blonde hairNaya Rivera

We have seen Naya with dark hair but we cannot deny that with blonde hair she also looks great. It is always good to have changes because seeing celebrities in the same style is not so inspiring. Maybe later she will decide to take lighter shades, we cannot surely say but that fact that this look suits her much is obvious.attends The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on January 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.Taylor Swift

Taylor has natural ash blonde hair color. Many women try and do everything to get exactly this shade of blonde. If you have the same color as she and you want to have some changes make sure that anything too much golden is going look yellow on your hair.       cool taylor swift blonde hairCameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the most popular celebrities that a lot of girls follow. She always has a beautiful look and her new looks are becoming trendy immediately. She has appeared in movies, TV programs and magazines in blonde hair color. It seems she has born with this color because nothing suits her better than bleach blonde shades.

cameron diaz blonde hair

Popular Celebrities’ Braids

Need to change your hairstyle?  Try the coolest braids that celebrities suggest you. Braids are the best hairstyles that one may wear. We all probably know how to get a simple braid because even when we are playing with our hair sometimes automatically we create a simple braid. All girls can wear braided hairstyles and the type of hair does not really play a crucial role. Braided hairstyles look so girly that they make you feel much younger than you are.celeb braid hairstylesI remember when I was a schoolgirl I used to wear braided hairstyles because they are so comfortable and you are not being bothered by hair that are falling on your face. The celebrities, too, take into account this fact and wear braids quite often. So go on reading and find out 6 celeb’s braided hairstyles which may give you completely new ideas for these hairdos.

Dianna Agron Braided Crown

Dianna Agron is a real “Dream girl”. This young actress has already managed to capture people’s attention. Whatever she wears she looks so glorious and elegant. I bet many girls try to copy her style but Dianna always comes up with new looks and it creates some difficulties for her fans because they do not know which style of hers to adopt. This time we will represent you her crown braid hairstyle. As you see crown braided hairdo emphasizes her face features and her eyes pop out beautifully making her look very cool. She wore a little makeup and proved that the beauty is in simplicity.

Diana Argon braided crown

Diana Argon braided crown

Janet Jackson Box Braids

Afro-American women like to wear box braids and  you can see them sporting box braids quite often. Well, this style looks really good so why not to try it! If you are bored of the other types of braided hairstyles change the style and rock box braids. One of the most popular singers Janet Jackson likes to wear box braids too. You can see that she has sported box braids into a ponytail. It looks unique and extraordinary and suits her much.

 Janet Jackson box braid ponytail

Janet Jackson box braid ponytail

Fearne Cotton Loose Fishtail

Fearne Cotton is a well-known television and radio presenter. We can see her at different corporations wearing stunning styles. Her loose fishtail styled on a side grabbed many people’s attention and makes it one of the most favorite hairstyles of girls. She used a beautiful hair accessory to take away her hair from her face. She did not forget about makeup too and her red lipstick completed her look.

fearne cotton cool braided hair

fearne cotton cool braided hair

 Anita Briem Cool Messy Pigtails

I have never seen so impressive messy pigtails. Anita Brime’s glorious and hilarious look made us include her in our list. With these cute pigtails she got a really girly look. Everything in her is in harmony. This fact obviously gives her confidence and makes her eyes shine bright like diamonds.

Anita Briem  Cool Messy Pigtails

Anita Briem Cool Messy Pigtails

Alexa Chung Simple Braids

You think that celebrities do not wear a simple braid? You are wrong because statistics show that they really like to wear simple braids. One of the most famous models and television presenters Alexia Chung appeared in public eye with simple braids. Her loose braid looks chic and splendid. If you are not so skillful in braiding  you can get this one without difficulties. I am sure there is no girl who does not know how to get a simple braid. So if you like Alexa Chung’s style, just go ahead with it and feel yourself beautiful and feminine.

Alexa Chung two braids hairstyle

Alexa Chung two braids hairstyle

Best Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair 2016

Women with thin or fine hair usually look for haircuts and hairstyles which can add visual thickness and fullness to their tresses. Be it long or short you have many options to make your choice between. With a few right cutting and styling techniques you can always add the desired volume and texture to your hair. Enjoy the following cool hairstyles for thin hair in 2016. These are the best and the most beneficial versions for fine locks.hairstyles for thin hair 2016Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

If you have long dull hair and want to add it a bit of body and interest then layers are ideal for you. They not only make hair look fuller but also give millions of hair styling ideas from straight to super curly. Ask you hairstylist for long layers and refresh your locks. They will also help you to get rid of damaged ends and to have healthier hair. Just style them into lovely waves or curls for special occasions to have that posh and subtle hairstyle.layered haircut for thin hair 2016Beach Waves for Thin Hair

Spring is just on the corner and it waits for you to decide which hairstyles you are going to rock in this tender season. Satisfy it with girlish and cute beach wave hairstyles. Once you try out this hairstyle you immediately feel the eye-catching change on your hair. Beach waves are possible to get both by curling tools, products and by braiding locks before sleeping. Whatever you choose keep in mind that the most effective way is braiding damp tresses into small and tight plaits at night and untie them in the morning once they are dry.beach waves for thin hair 2016Medium Haircut for Thin Hair

There are many trendy medium haircuts including the popular long bob which are so beautiful on thin hair. If you like you can go for a medium layered bob haircut and style it either into classy straight hairstyle or in a slightly wavy and voluminous hairdo.medium haircut for thin hair 2016Short Textured Bob Haircut for Thin Hair

Have you ever dreamed of a short bob haircut? I agree that the majority of bobs highlight the thinness of your locks but things change their aim when it comes to short textured bob haircuts. This style is the most required one in the fashion world for 2016. It is achieved by some feathered or razor cuts which are best reflected on straight hair. Once you wear waves they become softer and subtler.textured bob for thin hair 2016Cute Highlights for Thin Hair

Many hairstylists prove that highlights are able to add depth and dimension to hair. This means that you have another stunning choice for your thin locks. They will become fuller-looking as well as will have the fresh touch in them due to the shiny hues. Juts add the most flattering highlights on your hair that compliment your skin tone. You will love the way they liven up your dull hair.highlights for thin hair 2016Bang Hairstyles for Thin Hair

It goes without saying that front locks bring a visual illusion and make hair look thicker. However not every bang style goes with thin hair. It should be textured, voluminous, a bit messy, side swept or layered. Opt for one of these fringe styles according to your face shape and hair length. Change your look into a better one due to a new haircut in 2016.

bang haircut for thin hair 2016

9 Super Hairstyles from Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardasian is a well-known reality show star and model who has millions followers in different social sites. All her styles are being discussed by many bloggers and fashion experts. She is always in the center of attention and in some ways women and girls like to copy her styles. She is a natural brunette but recently she has decided to wear blonde hair color which immediately grabbed other’s attention.Kim Kardashyan HiarstylesBy the way she has not worn blonde shade for a long time and nowadays we can see her with brunette hair. Since people like her styles and  want to know something new about her all the time, we have decided to pick up 6 super hairstyles of Kim Kardashian and represent them to you.

Kim Kardashian Short Hair

Probably not many of us have seen her wearing this hairstyle but we have searched and found it in order to show you how different can our celebrities be. Kim Kardashian  looks much younger in this style and shows off that even with a short curly hairstyle you can have a girly and at the same time very attractive look. Due to the natural makeup everything in her looks is in harmony.

Kim Kardashian cool short hair

Kim Kardashian cool short hair

Kim Kardashian Long Curly Hair

Then, several years ago we could see Kim wearing long curly and wavy hairstyles for different corporations. Actually this hairstyle is not bad and her makeup artist knows how to complete her look. Kim’s emphasized eyes and a glossy lipstick give her really astounding and fastidious look. Thereby, you can get this effortless hairstyle without spending much time in front of the mirror. You just need a curling tool in order to copy the look.

Kim kardashian curly hair

Kim kardashian curly hair

Kim Kardashian Straight Hair

It goes without saying that straight hairstyles are on the list of most elegant ones. She got straight center parted hairstyle and both sides of  hair she has tucked behind her ear. Dark hair color perfectly matched with her skin complexion make her eyes pop out. In this case we again should mention her right chosen makeup which looks really very cool.

Kim Kardashian hairstyle

Kim Kardashian hairstyle

Kim Kardashian Ponytail Hairstyle

It seems Kim is a fun of updo hairstyles because she wears them quite often. By the way these hairstyles are perfect for her face features. One of the best updo hairstyles that she could ever wear is high sleek ponytail. Her iconic look really cost to be added to the list of the best hairstyles.

Kim kardashian sleek ponytail

Kim kardashian sleek ponytail

Kim Kardashian Blonde Shade on Medium Length Hair

Well it was really surprising to see beautiful Kim with platinum blonde hair. She looked so feminine with this shade that she wore on mid-length hair. Many of her fans thought that this shade is not for her, while others really liked her style. By the way she did not wear blonde for a long time but we will never forget her platinum blonde shade on medium length hair. This style was an excellent way to draw attention.

Kim Kardashian blonde hair

Kim Kardashian blonde hair

Kim Kardashian Middle Length Hair

As for me, darker colors are the best for Kim. But these shades would not be perfect without a right chosen hairstyle. Medium length hairstyle with bangs frames her face beautifully and I am sure a lot of girls adopt this style of Kim Kardashian’s style.

kim kardashian wavy hairstyle

kim kardashian wavy hairstyle

These were hairstyles suggested by Kim Kardashian and if you like, why not, adopt one of them.

Celebrities Short and Long Hairstyles

Before going for any change we need a source of inspiration. For many girls runway shows are the best inspiration. The models wearing unique hairstyles make the girls to think about changes. Some other girls think that celebrities are the best examples and they can take many things from them.celebrities long and short hair Well, undoubtedly celebrities can be a perfect inspiration both for hairstylists and ordinary people. Celebrities go for changes quite often because they also know that many fans are waiting to see them wearing  a new style. This fact has given us an idea of selecting short and long hairstyles of celebrities. You have a chance to see them wearing both long and short hairstyles. Now look and think your favorite celebrity looks better on long or short hair.

Rihanna Short vs. Long Hair

Rihanna is one of those celebrities who are ready to surprise her fans each time appearing with a new and unique look. She has worn many styles and as for me all her hairstyles are perfect. Rihanna went from long locks to bob hairstyle. Rihanna’s bob was really perfect because it framed her face and brought out her beauty. Her luxury bob impressed many girls and they decided to copy the style but Rihanna looks perfect on long locks too. The layers added to her long locks fram her face features.

Rihanna short bob hair

Rihanna short bob hair

Rihanna long hair

Rihanna long hair

Kimberly Wyatt

When you see celebrities you think how the simple haircut may completely change your look. Kimberly Wyatt has sported asymmetric pixie with bangs which was perfect for her face features. She got really very feminine and attractive look. Her shiny eyes pop out and made her look stunning and tempting. It seems blonde shade has created for her skin tone which added some charm to the look. Long haircuts are impressive as well. She has worn layers and side swept long bangs on her locks. Waves are meant to give her fairy look. Anyway she is gorgeous and her beautiful smile captures many men’s attention.

Kimberly Wyatt cool Long hair

Kimberly Wyatt cool Long hair

Kimberly Wyatt short hair

Kimberly Wyatt short hair

Penelope Cruz Short vs. Long Hair

Penelope Cruz always wears long locks and this sexy actress ios always in the center of attention. Women try to follow her and want to get her looks. By the way she is amazing and astounding. As for me with long locks she looks better although short bob is not bad too. This beautiful brunette knows how to make her look attractive and astounding.

Penelope Cruz short hairstyle

Penelope Cruz short hairstyle

Penelope Cruz long hair

Penelope Cruz long hair

You see that a simple haircut may change your look radically. Thereby, before going for any change, do not forget to take into consideration some important issues like face features.